by CHRIS BOGLE & SHELBY KAYE                                                        



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Are Broken Arrow glasses dishwasher safe?

No. Hand blown soft glass can be affected by extreme changes in temperature. Most dishwashers run at hot temperatures that can shock the glass and cause it to crack. It is best to hand wash and gradually increase the temperature of the water as to introduce the heat and not shock the glass. 

Does Broken Arrow wholesale? 

 Yes. Please contact us for more information. 

Does Broken Arrow make custom work?

Yes. Please contact us with your questions and ideas. We love doing custom work, and love hearing and seeing your ideas come to life. Maybe you like our kitty kat graphics but would like to see a portrait of your own cat on the glass, or you are having a special event and want your names and date with a fun graphic...well we can do that too! Broken Arrow can make almost anything that you can dream up, so get thinking! This is a great idea for personalized gifts and special events. We can help you really customize a special piece of art for your loved ones that is 100% thoughtful and one of a kind.